Metal Reactions

Year 9 study the Metals & Metal Reactions unit in October/November.

There is a unit test at the end of the unit (Foundation levels 3-5, Intermediate levels 4-6 or Higher levels 5-7).


This exciting Chemistry unit involves lots of practical work. You will learn to classify substances as metals or non-metals based on their properties; and explain why partciular metals are used for particular jobs. You will discover where elements are found on the periodic table (and why!). You will investigate how lots of different metals react with various acids and water. You will try to write word equations (symbol equations at higher level). Your teacher will introduce you to some explosive Alkali metals! The final part of the unit looks at reactivity. You will learn how to put metals in order of their reactivity (the reactivity series) by doing experiments.

Big Ideas

Properties of metals and non-metals

Uses of metals

Metal reactions

Periodic table

Chemical equations

Reactivity series

Periodic Table Link

Learning journey

Year 9 Unit 2 Metals & Metal reactions

Homework sheets

symbol equation homework intermediate

symbol equation homework intermediate/higher

symbol equation homework higher

Revision sheets

Summary sheet metals (foundation levels 3-5)

Summary sheet metals (intermediate levels 4-6)

Summary sheet metals (higher levels 5-7)

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